The Benefits of Recycling & Our Core Values

Benefits Of IT Recycling

There are great benefits of IT Recycling.  Whilst you update your hardware and therefore improve your productivity, you can also boost your Corporate Social Responsibility through IT donation.  When you donate, your refurbished IT equipment is repurposed for schools and charity organisations which makes a huge difference for them too.

We donate some of the data-wiped refurbished IT equipment to educational institutions in developing countries and to charity organisations such as Imba House (House of Hope) in Africa.

If you do have a charity of your choice you wish to benefit from the proceeds of IT equipment that we collect from you, please do let us know during collection. This is another way you can give back to the community as we will mention your company name to the donated charity organisation. You will also be updated on the total raised funds donated to your nominated charity.

Together, We Can Help Make A Much Needed Change. 

The Benefits Of IT Recycling Make A Significant Difference

Underprivileged families and start-up computer retail businesses benefit from our recycling.  Our hardware and software data officers wipe off all the equipment data and test the products ready for marketing at a very affordable low cost. This scheme does not only extend the life of IT equipment but also enables IT equipment to become affordable to everyone despite their financial background.

20% of the generated revenue is re-donated to charities and used to empower underprivileged pupils in developing countries. This furthers their academic studies by reaping the benefits of IT recycling.

Take a look at our IT Asset Disposal service if you need us to dispose of your old or redundant IT equipment.

SawiTECH holds a unique set of IT recycling accreditations and certificates that makes us stand out in the IT recycling industry. Because of this, we are 100% compliant with all legislation when it comes to disposing of data-bearing redundant IT equipment.

Therefore, we ensure complete peace of mind when it comes to disposing of your IT equipment. More importantly, we ensure the security of your valuable data.

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