Free IT Audit Report

Your company will receive a free IT audit report and certificate of disposal, allowing you to dot the i’s, cross the t’s and ensure complete traceability.

All IT collections, your assets are tracked from the point of collection until they reach our secure data sanitization premises.

A free comprehensive IT Asset Audit Report which will list an inventory of all machine types, models, makes, and asset tags can be tracked individually with a unique barcode sticker per item.

What Is an IT Audit Report?

Information technology audits were formerly known as electronic data processing audits or EDP audits. The audit is conducted so that management controls of an information technology infrastructure can be examined. Just like other types of audits, an information technology audit is conducted to assess if it is operating effectively based in the goals and objectives of an organisation.

Every organization has their own set of information that they need to keep out of reach of outsiders, especially from scammers and fraud. This information is kept safe and secured with an effective information technology system. The purpose of an information technology audit is to evaluate the system’s effectiveness and efficiency, security protocols, internal controls design, etc.

Free IT Audit Report


Have a peace of mind with our management solution which uniquely identifies and tracks all equipment at every recycling process stage. Get audit trail of every equipment processed, upgraded, refurbished or recycled. For your company’s records, we will issue you a certificate of disposal.

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