Secure Data Destruction

Did you know that aaccording to a recent study as many as 87% of businesses don’t use a professional service to physically destroy old hard drives, USBs or other hardware that contain confidential information.

Our physical and secure data destruction services ensures the data on an old hard drive is 100% destroyed leaving you confident that your old data cannot be stolen once your hardware has been destroyed.

Secure Data Destruction Services

To achieve data security throughout the process, we have built accountability and clear documentation into our data sanitisation service. Whether you opt for on-site or off-site data cleansing, we can assure you that at every stage your data is handled safely, securely and in compliance with relevant legislation. All our documentation with the respective UK Recycling governing authorities and accreditations are up to date and available upon request.

All our staff training is thoroughly kept up to date enabling SawiTECH staff members to be well equipped with new IT systems and the latest security threats.

Whilst some equipment can be refurbished and put to a good cause, a lot of hardware needs to be stripped down into component materials. The WEEE directive encourages us to attain zero landfill.

Recycling computers and other IT equipment is the best way to reduce landfill and help preserve our environment. Recycling electrical waste helps to reduce the amount of WEEE Waste that ends up in landfill. 

To find out more about our Secure Data Destruction Services please use our enquiry form on this page to get in touch with us.


Getting rid of unwanted IT hardware is complicated and can be full of risk. Retiring or replacing your IT equipment can become a procedural, time consuming and costly problem, thats where SawiTech can help.

We hold a set of accreditations that makes us stand out in the IT recycling industry

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